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Verizon 5G Aims to Invigorate the ‘Economic Engine’ of Maryland

Verizon 5G is a key aspect of Greater Baltimore’s economic future. In 2020, Baltimore became the first city in Maryland to have Verizon’s fastest mobile connection and largest data connectivity through 5G Ultra Wideband in parts of downtown and Baltimore County. Eric Reed, Verizon VP and EAGB board member, points out, “5G can make everything easier from an education, healthcare, personal, public safety and entertainment standpoint.”  5G is currently available in locations including the Inner Harbor, Downtown, Power Plant Live! Camden YardsM&T Bank StadiumTowson University. “The ability to market the fact that we have 5G is very, very important when trying to attract more talent and more capital because we are going to be competing with areas of the country that do have greater access to broadband. This initiative only strengthens the Greater Baltimore region which is already so innovative,” said Michele Whelley, EAGB President & CEO. Via

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