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Six Startups Specializing in Advanced Materials Merge Under One Baltimore Company

Early Charm Ventures has combined six of its growing firms, Abri Science, DiPole Materials ,NanoDirect, SciGenesis, Ortuvo and Synteris, to launch one comprehensive new company: “Materic LLC.” CEO Ken Malone, also principal of Early Charm Ventures, told the BBJ that “all six companies work with advanced materials, such as nanofibers, specialty inks and 3-D printing materials,…and unlike a medical device, which might have one very specific application, all of the firms' technologies can have overlapping applications across different industries.” The merger will accelerate the commercialization of their various technologies. As one company, the Baltimore City-based Materic will include sales into the aerospace, health care, biotechnology, electronics, automotive, athletic, energy and military industries. Via Baltimore Business Journal.

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