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SecurityScorecard Partners with Tenable to Deliver Complete Cyber Risk Monitoring

Howard County-based Cybersecurity company, Tenable, partnered with SecurityScorecard, a global leader in security ratings. This result of this union ensures complete cyber risk monitoring, delivering comprehensive partnership between CISOs, IT leaders, and security teams. By reviewing their SecurityScorecard rating, businesses can assess their external cybersecurity health and risk posture directly within the Tenable Lumin dashboard. "We're excited to partner with SecurityScorecard to give customers complete visibility into the risks that exist inside and outside their environment, and guidance for how to most effectively reduce that risk, all in a single platform," said Ray Komar, VP of technical alliances, Tenable. The cyber industry thrives due to the Region’s unique proximity and leadership in the global fight to prevent cyber cybercrime. Learn more in EAGB’s Cybersecurity industry profile,

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