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RMI Energy Efficiency Program Helps Maryland Manufacturers Receive $302,800 in New Grant Awards

The Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) received $302,800 in funding from the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) for four RMI Energy Program manufacturing companies: Aquafin, Inc., Blind Industries and Services of Maryland, Terumo Medical Corporation, and Tishcon Corporation. Both Aquafin and Terumo are based in Cecil County. RMI supported the four grant recipients to improve energy efficiency and to reduce energy costs. “MEA’s Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural grant program is a tremendous help to Maryland’s manufacturing industry, as it really helps us move these projects forward to help manufacturers save energy. Manufacturers look for a quick payback on their energy investments and the grant program is a great pump-primer to getting companies to commit,” said Peter Gourlay, manager of RMI’s Energy Program.

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