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A News Update On the Roadmap for the Region’s Future

A News Update On the Roadmap for the Region’s Future

Baltimore, Md. – The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (EAGB) and the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) recently announced plans for a merger that will result in a new, unified approach that integrates the work of these two organizations within a broader and more inclusive framework for economic development for the Greater Baltimore region. The new entity will represent a bold vision for how Baltimore will compete and thrive on regional, national and global stages and guide the strategic role business will need to play to effect positive economic progress. This singular organization will have a future-ready mindset and orientation focused on delivering equitable, dynamic and sustainable economic impact to benefit the entire Greater Baltimore community. The organization will include broad and intentional representation from nonprofit organizations, business sectors and individuals across the region, working in partnership toward a common goal of an economically vibrant Baltimore region.

The new entity’s mission is being developed through significant collaboration between the leadership of the GBC and EAGB – a collaboration that will combine each organization’s work within the new entity’s broader mandate to advance a vibrant, future-ready Greater Baltimore. This mandate will bring clarity and accountability to activities undertaken to achieve goals developed within the new entity’s strategic plan.  

                “Since joining the EAGB in 2019, I have worked closely with the Executive Committee and the Board to ensure that we were realizing EAGB’s mission and vision,” said Michele Whelley, EAGB’s President and CEO. “The ability and dedication to achieve our mission and ultimately, the vision for Greater Baltimore, was a catalyst for the merger discussions with the GBC. At the same time, we recognized that the pandemic provided a window of opportunity to rethink the status quo and create a bold, business-led plan for restructuring a regional approach to economic development.  This new entity will have the expanded capacity to be more impactful in growing the Region’s economy and will develop and implement a diverse and inclusive plan that open doors and creates pathways for every resident of the Region to be able to achieve a financially secure and sustainable high quality of life.”

A new organizational structure and identity, under the leadership of a new CEO, will be positioned to leverage the richness of economic assets in the Region for maximum economic benefit. With a focus on elevating the economic and socioeconomic landscape in Baltimore City – the heart of the Region, the  new entity will create a positive, forward-thinking narrative based on data-informed initiatives, the tracking of economic progress and achievements throughout the Region, and the attraction of talent, investment and new business from across the country and beyond.

A search for a new CEO will be launched in the next few weeks. 

“New leadership will introduce the energy and new perspective central to undertaking the work necessary to create a truly impactful organization,” said Whelley.  “The CEO will work closely with business and civic leaders to ensure the inclusivity of focus and collaboration desired in the new entity.”

After the merger of EAGB and GBC, Whelley will return to her private consulting practice, M.L. Whelley Consulting LLC.

“As a consultant, I will continue to work with private and non-profit entities to advance projects and initiatives that improve the economic landscape of Baltimore and the Baltimore-Washington Region,” said Whelley.

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