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MD has the 2nd Highest Concentration of Workers in STEM Occupations

The Greater Baltimore Region has long been a hub of research in the life sciences and some of the nation’s top life sciences universities provide a robust talent pipeline for companies that have developed groundbreaking technologies. In an effort to encourage students to pursue careers in STEM and life sciences, the Maryland Life Sciences (MDLS) division of the Maryland Tech Council has developed “BioHub Maryland Pathways”, a go-to career resource that attempts to provide a career road map for students and a portal through which employers can submit employment opportunities. Learn more about the career pathways tool and learn more about BioHub Maryland. To inspire the future generation of scientists and entrepreneurs, the Maryland STEM Festival, Running from October 15 to November 14, is hosting a series of events that seek to inspire students, regardless of background and experience, to take a greater interest in STEM. Explore why Greater Baltimore is a leader in Life Sciences,

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