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May 2020 Industry Spotlight

Tenable, Inc.

Howard County-based Tenable, Inc. is one of the leaders in the Region’s very strong portfolio of cybersecurity companies. Tenable has pioneered the emerging Cyber Exposure market to help organizations of all sizes manage, measure and reduce their cyber risk. The company works with more than 30,000 organizations around the world representing more than 50% of the Fortune 500 and 30% of the Global 2000. In addition to its U.S. headquarters in Columbia, Maryland, Tenable maintains an international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Founded in 2002, Tenable’s national and international growth is supported by a vibrant culture, talented people and innovative technology. The company's decision to maintain and expand its footprint in Greater Baltimore was driven by access to the talent they need to thrive.

"Tenable has called Maryland home for the last 18 years and we wouldn't have it any other way. The region provides us access to an unmatched talent pool and has enabled us to develop deep relationships with important organizations. We look forward to continuing to expand our presence and establishing Maryland as a leader in innovation and cybersecurity." - Steve Vintz, CFO, Tenable

Attila Security

Located in Columbia, Howard County, Attila Security is a growing information technology and services firm that specializes in information security, encrypted communications, data privacy, secure mobile communications, and cybersecurity.  Attila was co-founded in 2018 by CEO Gregg Smith, who also serves as Chairman of EAGB partner organization, the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI).

Attila Security helps organizations ensure that their networks and data are securely protected by solving and simplifying complex network security challenges. Attila’s award-winning “GoSilent” technology was originally developed at the nearby National Security Agency (NSA) to protect government leadership and enterprises from advanced cyber threats, attacks and foreign adversaries. Today, GoSilent is protecting mission-critical intellectual property and data worldwide for public and private sectors, and is playing an important role in securing the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) supply chain and providing organizations a fast and simple way to secure their remote work environments. Learn more at

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