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Loyola Angels Fund is Educating Students to Invest in Baltimore Businesses

Loyola University Maryland is planning now for the launch of a new, early-stage fund and undergrad program designed to expand access to capital for women and BIPOC entrepreneurs while offering students valuable investment experience. The program will include a full year of coursework and provide the opportunity for students to evaluate opportunities and lead the new Loyola Angels Fund’s investments in Baltimore businesses. “The idea is to expose students to the power of an early-stage investment and the opportunity they have to make a real difference for a company,” explains Wendy Bolger, director of Loyola’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). Loyola Angels is structured as a charitable fund and goals have been raised due to early, robust interest. Launching next year, Loyola students will also get a chance to meet local investors, as additional funds from Loyola’s endowment will be dedicated to helping students get experience sitting on board meetings of other local angel groups. Via Baltimore.

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