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Living and Studying in Greater Baltimore

With a new edition out this month, the Baltimore Look Book highlights everything the Baltimore region has to offer college students.

Baltimore Collegetown Network produces the Baltimore Look Book publication for the Region’s colleges and universities to use as they attract students to their campuses and to our neighborhoods. A goal is to retain those very students, seeing them choose to live and work in the Region after they complete their studies. With new photography, illustrations and design, this year’s Look Book shows off Greater Baltimore in its freshest light. And, there are videos: Collegetown followed five students around Baltimore for a day and the students shared some truly remarkable things about living and going to school here. 

“We all know Baltimore is a big city whose charms invite a deeper look.”

                    - Kirsten Brinlee, executive director, Baltimore Collegetown Network

The five student experience videos linked to the print version of the Look Book via QR codes are energetic and authentic, inviting viewers to discover something new about the Region as they follow along with the five college students. From “unexpected tastes to lively nights,” their stories carry a similar theme: Baltimore offers unique experiences that inspire and delight.

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View the new Look Book and tune in to watch the student videos.


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