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July 2021 Industry Spotlight

Bioenergy Devco (BDC), a global leader in renewable energyBioenergy Devco (BDC)

Bioenergy Devco (BDC), a global leader in renewable energy, recently opened their flagship anaerobic digestion facility in the Maryland Food Center campus, located in Howard County. BDC’s mission aims to address the state’s solid waste challenges and greenhouse gas emissions from landfills and incineration methods. The creation of this facility conveys the positive impact of environment, business, and regional leaders working together to grow the local economy. A key partner in the success of the project is BGE. Headquartered in Baltimore, BGE is Maryland’s largest natural gas and electric utility, delivering power to more than 1.3 million electric customers and more than 680,000 natural gas customers in central Maryland. BGE is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation (NASDAQ: EXC), the nation’s leading competitive energy supplier.

BGE is building the innovative interconnection facilities that will enable BDC to inject the renewable natural gas from their facility into BGE’s gas distribution system to be distributed to Maryland customers for the first time.  BGE is also working with BDC on a combined heat and power system to serve the biodigestion facility. BGE is very excited about the partnership with BDC. These new efforts will help establish the pathway for renewable natural gas interconnections to the customers and communities that we serve, and ultimately support the success of both BGE and BDC’s mission to responsibly address organic waste streams.”
 - Stuart Page, BGE Manager of Economic Development and EAGB Advisory Committee member 

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lumina solar Lumina Solar 

Lumina Solar, a Baltimore-based solar energy service company, is on a mission to help scale the transition to a renewable-based economy in the mid-Atlantic by deploying solar, storage, electric vehicle chargers, and offering other related services. Lumina Solar’s team is among the most experienced in the space, with many team members getting their start in the Maryland solar industry over 10 years ago. The company handles every aspect of solar installation, from designing a process unique to each customer, down to the permits and paperwork. By providing an abundance of options for those looking to convert to renewable energy, they are increasing the ability of the Region to mitigate climate change while offering one of the best customer experiences nationwide. With over 700 companies nationally in the SolarReviews database, their listing of the Top 100 Residential Installers in the U.S. places Lumina at no.3 nationally, moving up from no.6 in 2020.

 “We are well-connected to our supply chain in Baltimore County’s Halethorpe community and have access to a diverse customer base in the Region spanning housing stock from urban to rural. It is our team’s focus on the customer experience that sets us apart.”
-  Mike Kirby, CEO, Lumina Solar.

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Ørsted Offshore North America

The global leader in offshore wind development, Ørsted has partnered with Tradepoint Atlantic in Baltimore County to advance and support the growing U.S. renewable energy industry with the Greater Baltimore region as a leader in this effort. Through this long-term commitment, Ørsted will utilize the Region’s skilled workforce and strategic location to support offshore wind development on the East Coast and advance the company’s vision of a world run entirely on green energy.

The Greater Baltimore region has an excellent opportunity to play a leading role in bringing this new American industry to life, while at the same time creating thousands of family-sustaining jobs as part of the development of the U.S.-based offshore wind supply chain. Ørsted’s partnership with Tradepoint Atlantic is a testament to our commitment to invest in the Greater Baltimore region for decades to come and to help Maryland meet its ambitious clean energy goals.”
-  David Hardy, CEO, Ørsted Offshore North America   

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