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January 2021 Industry Spotlight

Verizon logoVerizon's Investment in Greater Baltimore's Downtowns and Communities 

COVID-19 has forced so many aspects of society and local communities to adapt to a new normal, and to do so in short order. Connectivity has been a vital link to keeping businesses running, supporting increased telehealth demand, facilitating distance learning, streaming video content, playing interactive games from mobile devices, and keeping families and friends connected. Verizon's network has performed extremely well while an unprecedented 10 trillion MB of data were consumed, billions of text messages were sent, and billions of phone calls were made on their network. These sustained investments are not only important to meeting the challenges of today, but also to lay the foundation for the next generation of networks, technology platforms, virtual products and interactive services of tomorrow. 

One of Verizon’s top priorities is to continue building and enhancing their 5G wireless network in Baltimore. 5G, or 5th Generation wireless technology, will transform society and make futuristic ideas the reality of tomorrow. Verizon's network investments are driven by adding additional coverage and capacity to stay ahead of consumers and businesses’ increasing demand for data and connectivity. The increased usage of smartphones, internet-connected tablets, wearables, sensors and IoT (Internet of Things) devices are being connected to the network, and it is essential 5G wireless networks have the capacity to deliver a smooth and seamless connected experience. 

5G will deliver higher speeds, lower latency, more reliability, and superior connections to devices, objects, and machines. This innovative technology will allow significantly more users and more data to utilize the network, and to do so without experiencing buffering or connectivity issues. Imagine the future of remote surgery performed thousands of miles away from the patient, emergency response situations being assessed via drone and digitized supply-chain logistics, a reality. Consider the use of technology for public safety, where Qwake Technologies is equipping their “C-Thru” augmented reality lens on the helmets of firefighters. This life-saving technology will help firefighters quickly determine the location of victims and make faster decisions in the most dangerous of situations.

Verizon’s October 2020 5G announcement was just the beginning for ushering in a new era for technology leadership in Baltimore. As a result of Verizon's 5G investments, Baltimore will be more connected and innovative. Bolstering the Region's local economy, public safety, tourism, healthcare, education, transportation, manufacturing and beyond, 5G wireless connectivity will promote better outcomes for communities now and for years to come. 

Regarding broadband, information about Verizon’s latest public policy considerations for affordable broadband can be found here.

Pictured: February 2020 Verizon Innovative Learning event with Baltimore City Public Schools

Innovation — particularly in the technology, healthcare, public safety and transportation sectors — will continue to be an important facet to enhance economic activity in the city of Baltimore and the surrounding region. Equally important is to accelerate broadband connectivity and digital inclusion in communities that lack access or do not have the digital skills to leverage online platforms and content. We should all be committed to promote better outcomes by closing the digital divide. Our collective investments in talent, technology and community well-being will create momentum to generate economic opportunities and efficiencies in a collaborative and sustained fashion."

- Eric F. Reed, VP - Public Policy & Community Engagement, East Region, Verizon


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