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EAGB Topped Ranked Tuesday: Maryland ranks #1 in Concentration of Technology and Science Workforce

Maryland ranks #1 in concentration of technology and science workforce and is home to more than 2,500 life sciences organizations that contribute nearly $20 billion toward our state’s GDP and employ more than 54,000 workers. A recent independent report conducted by the Milken Institute for the Maryland Tech Council (MTC) highlights some of Maryland’s strengths such as the 31% growth that the life sciences manufacturing sector has experienced and the state’s leading role in cell therapy and vaccine R&D. The report outlines broad recommendations that Maryland can implement to take the state’s life sciences economy to new heights. Recommendations include, increasing awareness of life sciences career opportunities in more rural counties and building a talented pipeline by developing an industry-certified training curriculum that maximizes the number of workers capable of meeting existing industry needs. Learn why the Greater Baltimore Region excels in Life Sciences, Read MTC’s full report’s findings -

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