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EAGB Friday Fun Fact - The World’s First Dredger was Invented in Greater Baltimore in 1783

Time for EAGB Friday Fun Fact!! Baltimore’s success as a port is owed, in part, to brothers Andrew and John Ellicott who developed the first crude dredger, also known as the “Mud Machine.” As Baltimore's importance grew in shipping and trade, this technological advancement made it possible to dredge mud and sediment from the harbor floor to increase the depth of the water. Fast forward to the 21st Century and the Port of Baltimore continues to be a key gateway for domestic and international trade and a major economic catalyst for the Greater Baltimore region and the state of Maryland. Learn more in EAGB's Region on Point article about the Port's rebound from the 2020 pandemic, To explore more about the Port's leading role in the logistics, warehousing, distribution, and e-commerce, visit,

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