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EAGB Friday Facts: 10 Fun Facts About the Baltimore Oriole

Time for ⁉️ FRIDAY FACTS!

⁉️ The Baltimore Oriole was named for its resemblance to (what would become) the Maryland Flag

Summer is here, and the Orioles are back. The flying kind, we mean. Take some time to learn more about Baltimore's mascot and the Maryland state bird, the Baltimore Oriole. The bird is named for its orange and black color pattern, which reminded early 1700s ornithologists of Lord Baltimore's heraldic colors -- now seen in the gold and black portions of the Maryland flag.

Just like Baltimoreans, the Oriole has a sweet tooth. It is known to enjoy halved oranges, grape jelly, and other sugary treats. So next time you're enjoying a snowball or visiting one of Greater Baltimore's local ice cream shops, consider yourself a true Baltimore Oriole.

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