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Downtown Partnership of Baltimore Announces the BOOST Incubator Program Inaugural Class

Congratulations to EAGB advisory committee member Shelonda Stokes, President of Downtown Partnership of Baltimore on announcing the first 2021 BOOST Incubator Program Inaugural Class: The Black Genius Art Show, Codetta Bake Shop, Elite Secrets Bridal , Media Rhythm Institute and NKVSKIN. The BOOST initiative will provide businesses $50K in funding for capital & operating expenses, as well as a physical retail location at one of several available Downtown storefronts pre-identified by DPOB. “We didn’t create BOOST to check off a box and move on. We’re in it with them for the long haul because their success will create opportunities for other entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps,” said Shelonda Stokes, President and EAGB board member. 

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