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CORONAVIRUS: C5ISR Community Teams Up in COVID-19 Response

The benefit of having everything you need in one location: The U.S. Army’s C5ISR (Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) experts are teaming up at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) to provide COVID-19 response units with the most up-to-date communications gear. "The C5ISR COVID Response Equipping Team was able to come together so quickly at APG because the installation is home to the C5ISR Center of Excellence, allowing for the acquisition community, logistics community, CECOM and partners within the area to quickly adjust to its new responsibilities," said Col. Troy Crosby, project manager mission command at PEO C3T. Learn more about the Military industry in EAGB'S April 2020 Regional News Featuring the Military Industry: With Challenge Comes Opportunity -

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