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The Region’s Downtowns: Vitality. Energy. Personality. Impact.

January 2021 ROP Newsletter GP

The restaurants, bars, specialty shops, small service businesses and local “mom and pop” shops that cluster in downtowns create jobs and help establish the personality of the jurisdiction and, collectively, the Region. Downtown districts are an important element of local economic development strategies and initiatives, whether located within a more rural jurisdiction or jurisdictions with denser urban centers. These strategies and initiatives improve the quality of life for everyone by fostering a sense of place that helps to attract and retain talent, businesses and residents.

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One of Verizon’s top priorities is to continue building and enhancing the 5G wireless network in Baltimore - 5G , or 5th Generation wireless technology, will transform society and make futuristic ideas the reality of tomorrow. The increased usage of smartphones, internet-connected tablets, wearables, sensors and IoT (Internet of Things) devices are being connected to the network, and it is essential 5G wireless networks...

Learn more about Verizon's 5G initiative and Community Investments in the January 2021 Industry Spotlight.


In 2020, Greater Baltimore’s diverse and resilient economy posted one of its best investment years on record, earning over $808 million in total investments. In this issue of Region on Point, EAGB releases Greater Baltimore's 2020 Annual Investment Report with Q4 highlights. You won't want to miss this important report - 

Discover the innovative companies leading Greater Baltimore into the future here.

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