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Looking to Meet Workforce Needs? Put Down the Binoculars.

May 2021 Greater Perspective

May 2021 Greater Perspective Its commencement season across Greater Baltimore!

When it comes to higher education, the Region’s seven jurisdictions with fifteen four-year and seven two-year institutions are providing the education and training necessary for students to pursue career opportunities that are both financially and personally rewarding. The approximately 300,000 students enrolled annually in credit-bearing or non-credit studies in Greater Baltimore's institutions of higher education are providing the workforce for today and the future, while also building the talent pool needed to support growth in Greater Baltimore’s strategic industry sectors.

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May 2021 events Tab

Miss the "Growing Talent: An Industry Perspective" EAGB Session held during  Founder City on April 28? No problem!

Listen now to the discussion moderated by Michele Whelley, EAGB President & CEO, with panelists Jacob Hsu - CEO, Catalyte; Dr. Mary Bolt - President, Cecil College; Emily Branchaw - Director of Operations, UMBC Training Centers; and Mick Arnold - President, Arnold Packaging.

Hear from industry and education leaders representing four of Greater Baltimore’s growth industries - IT, Cyber, Logistics and Manufacturing - and learn about the efforts to close the talent gap in these industries where emerging technologies are defining their future growth. Explore the Region’s training and development programs that are contributing to not only providing the required workforce but also to creating a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurial excellence and innovation.  Access the full panel recording here.

Annual Meeting Save the Date


JUST ANNOUNCED! Save-the-date for EAGB's in-person 2021 Annual Meeting on Tuesday, November 2.

Early registration and sponsorship opportunities will be released soon! Check back often for updates, here




May 2021 ICYMI

In case you missed it, check out the top headlines and upcoming events from across the Region's seven jurisdictions here.


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