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Methodology: Industry Mapping

Heat Maps

The heat mapping feature contained within these maps derives from U.S. Census Bureau data. This data presents the number of workers, in the most recent data year: 2017, whose workplace location is within a given Census Block.  The total number of workers in a given industry within a given Census Block is then presented as a centroid placed at the geographic center of the Census Block. Due to the odd shapes that many Census Blocks take, this centroid point may not align perfectly with the workplace location. 

The industry classifications given by this U.S. Census Bureau data are specified to the 2-digit level. The NAICS code classifications used for each map are the following: 

  • Logistics: NAICS sector 48-49 (Transportation and Warehousing)

  • Manufacturing: NAICS sector 31-33 (Manufacturing) 

  • Science & Technology: NAICS sector 54 (Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services)

  • Healthcare: NAICS sector 62 (Health Care and Social Assistance) 

  • Agriculture: NAICS sector 11 (Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting)

Note that these broad categorizations may falsely omit or include some jobholders from the data. Additionally, the categorization of some employees may be different from the commonly-understood industry in which they are operating (i.e. a bench researcher at a manufacturing firm listed under NAICS 54: Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services). As such, the heat mapping provides a general, yet imperfect, understanding of the geographic spread of Greater Baltimore's industry sectors. 


Company Highlight/Feature Selection

The selection of companies or institutions, by industry and jurisdiction, was done by the EAGB in consultation with representatives from each jurisdiction's economic development office. The companies were chosen based on several factors including number of employees and recent growth. 


If you have further questions about this mapping program, please contact the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore through our "Contact Us" page. Thank you!

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