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Founder City & EAGB's April 28th Session: "Growing Talent: An Industry Perspective" 

EAGB is a proud sponsor of the Founder City program bringing together some of Greater Baltimore and Maryland's greatest minds for weekly programming, mentorship and a VC pitch competition. Register today and join us for the EAGB Session: "Growing Talent: An Industry Perspective" on April 28, from 12:00 -3:00 pm, for a discussion moderated by Michele Whelley, EAGB President & CEO, with panelists Jacob Hsu - CEO, Catalyte, Dr. Mary Bolt - President, Cecil College, Emily Branchaw - Director of Operations, UMBC Training Centers, and Mick Arnold - President, Arnold Packaging.

Access speaker bio's for the April 28 panel, here

On April 28th you will hear from industry and education leaders representing four of Greater Baltimore’s growth industries - IT, Cyber, Logistics and Manufacturing - and learn about efforts to close the talent gap in these industries where emerging technologies are defining their future growth. We'll also explore the Region’s training and development programs that are contributing to not only providing the required workforce but also to creating a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurial excellence and innovation. Register now for the Founder City program and be sure to attend the April 28 Session!:

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